N-Demand Test and Balance, LLC was created in 2007 after a need was found for a company that could possess and implement real world knowledge of the operation of mechanical systems in relation to their design intent, interaction with other building and mechanical systems and their end users. Most Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors are challenged by the fact that they must rely on the test and balancing contactor to verify the operation of a building’s mechanical systems at the end of a project. N-Demand Test and Balance, LLC was created to face this challenge and start the verification process before the project begins, during the construction period, at the end of the construction period, and after the project commences by working directly with the end users.

Regardless of your roll in the construction process, we can help make your next project a greater success.​

'The next generation of facility support"

One of these people was my father, whom just happened to be a testing and balancing technician/supervisor for a company in Albuquerque. This became my first introduction to the science of thermal and fluid dynamics which has helped me so much throughout my career. During my apprenticeship I was also fortunate enough to be able to work with some of the great and crazy “old timers” who imprinted me with an above average work ethic and the importance of honesty, integrity and reputation in my personal life and my professional career. Not compromising these values, and my obsessive curiosity, has been the main advantages with my success in this industry. My curiosity forces me to find out how ALL aspects of this industry work with each other and also with the aspects of the real and theoretical worlds. Not being able to compromise on my reputation allows me to present my knowledge in a truthful, comprehensive way and seems to be appreciated by fellow peers and customers. It is in this way that my services have proven to be mutually beneficial for everyone that I have worked for and/or teamed up with. It has been very fun to do this in the past and now as a part of N-Demand Test and Balance, LLC’s new direction I am hopeful to be able to expand this philosophy of total integration of knowledge with both old and new relationships for the future.

About Us

At a very young age I was obsessed with figuring out how things worked. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by people who put up with and patiently answered my constant questioning.