​Diagnostic Testing

​As Vibration Consultants and Acoustic Consultants, N-Demand works within the United States and worldwide to provide unmatched services in advanced vibration analysis, acoustic analysis, vibration testing, acoustic testing, vibration monitoring and noise monitoring services.

​Sound and Vibration Analysis

N-Demand made Diagnostic Vibration Testing and Diagnostic Acoustic Testing our bread. We enjoy this work, and we do it well because we are well grounded in basic applied physics, digital signal processing, structural dynamics and vibro-acoustics, and how they relate to system and facility vibration and acoustic noise issues on a myriad of levels.Vibration Spectrum Analysis or Vibration Analysis is an important part of keeping your rotating equipment working at peak performance.  By implementing our vibration analysis, you will be able to identify a significant amount of rotating equipment problems including bearing failures before they become disasters.