​If an existing system, HVAC or otherwise, is not performing up to owner expectations, our team can conduct a forensic investigation into the possible contributing reasons. Often, we find that systems were inadequately sized or the system itself has been damaged. Our inspections efficiently and accurately uncover the issues so they can be addressed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Building Re-Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning

​​​Existing System Inspections 

Even if a client’s mechanical HVAC system is of top-quality, it may not perform as well as it was designed to if it is not installed and started up correctly. To avoid these situations, APEX can serve as an independent, third party entity in evaluating your mechanical system to verify that your system is correctly installed and functioning at peak efficiency.

​​Mechanical System Commissioning Checklist

​​Both re-commissioning and retro-commissioning provide systematic approaches for discovering and solving chronic building problems such as poor indoor air quality and occupant discomfort for our clients.

If our client has an existing installed mechanical system that has already commissioned, but is not functioning correctly, our team is available for re-commissioning. We will investigate the potential causes of the dysfunction and develop an approach to get the system operating properly again.

Similar to re-commissioning, we also offer retro-commissioning services. Retro-commissioning is the commissioning of an existing building that is currently under operation, but was never commissioned at the completion of construction. This allows us to look at how systems and building equipment function together, and address any building performance issues.

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  • ​Pre-design and design phase review​
  • ​Construction document review
  • ​Progress and field report preparation
  • ​Commissioning plan development
  • ​Pre-functional testing
  • Equipment start-up observation​
  • ​Functional testing
  • ​Final commissioning report
  • ​​Operation & maintenance review

​Mechanical & Building System Commissioning