Benefits from Predictive Maintenance

  • Reduce Operational Downtime: With early prediction, equipment or parts are replaced before they break down and cause unexpected downtime.                                       
  • ​Improve Efficiency: This is gained through use of predictive failure analysis and mitigation of potential failures.
  • ​​Improve Return on Investment (ROI): Through proactive actions on maintenance of parts and equipment by performing timely repairs, performance and life of equipment is considerably enhanced.
  • ​Improved Safety: By identifying potential failures early, predictive maintenance offers safe operations and peace of mind.
  • ​​Employee Morale: Reduced operational downtime improves workplace quality and employee morale.
  • Oil Analysis: Determines the quality of lubricant, which indicates the severity of damage to the equipment.
  • ​​Winding / Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA): Analyzes and establishes insulation integrity of motors, windings, and winding contamination.
  • ​​Vibration Analysis: Measures and evaluates the vibration levels of all rotating equipment. Corrective procedures include dynamic balancing and laser alignment.

​Predictive Maintenance Services​


Through our predictive maintenance services, customers have access to a full range of technical resources tailored to meet with the needs of your facilities to keep them operating smoothly without causing unexpected breakdown and incurring major repair expenses.
N-Demand can help minimize equipment failure and unexpected downtime by predicting failures before they happen. Our approach combines predictive maintenance with regular preventative maintenance by using diagnostic findings from our service visits to provide recommendations and action plans that will extend the life of the equipment in proactive asset management and capital planning.